Virtual mobility in Romania


In the week 31.05.2021 - 04.06.2021 our Romanian virtual meeting was held. 

Unfortunately, we were not able to complete the meeting physically due to travel problems due to Covid 19. But our partners from Romania organized a wonderful virtual meeting, with many different activities, seminars and lectures. We could not see each other live, but we learned many new things about working with gifted children, which we will all apply in our daily lives and in our professional work.

Dealing with gifted education

1st day, 31st of May, 2021:

Welcoming speeches: Mr. Constantin Toma, City Mayor of Buzău & Mr. Ionel Meiroșu, General School Inspector

✓ Discussion about the project: presentation of the second edition of "The Diary of the project"

✓ Gifted education in the non-formal field: virtual tour of Children's Palace - Mrs. Dora Dascălu - headmaster of the Children's Palace Buzău

2nd day, 1st of June, 2021: 

✓ "Welcome in our town!" - virtual tour in Buzău City - Mrs Oana Matache, Deputy Mayor of Buzău City

✓ Celebrating the International Children's Day with gifted students: Diana Gabriela Oprea (graduate/student), Andreea Zotescu (graduate/student), Ionuț Cimacenco (graduate/student), Dragoș -Ionuț Neagu (graduate/student) and Mr. Ovidiu Nica, coach teacher Children's Palace Buzău

3rd day, 2nd of June, 2021:  

✓ Film session "The Kindergarten teacher" and discussion

✓ How can we train gifted students during the pandemic crisis? - good practices exchanges about the activities with gifted students

✓ Welcome to our school! - virtual school tour

✓ Virtual walk through Buzău county

4th day, 3rd of June, 2021:  

✓ Academical seminar about gifted education: "The gifted children - between the present reality and the potential of future", prof. dr. Florian Colceag (Doctor in Mathematics and Economy, specialist in Gifted Education)

✓ "The world is not enough..." - Mrs. Rodica Efros, counsellor, Educational Director of Kogaion Gifted Academy

5th day, 4th of June, 2021:   

✓ "Performance in music defies the pandemic crisis" - Mrs. Oana Dobre, Music teacher, Ana Teodora Dobre (student)

✓ "Musical gifts from the group Happy Kids"

✓ Planning the next meeting

✓ Certificate ceremony

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